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Professional Curtain Cleaning


CarpetCare can now offer a new odour neutralizing service for houses, maisonettes, apartments and flats that eliminates odours caused by indoor pets, cigarette smoking, oriental food cooking, mould and mildew smells..



The unit is a large capacity ozone generator and is highly effective for eliminating sources of odour commonly found in many properties, especially during end of tenancy cleaning.

The generator emits powerful ozone particles that actually neutralize the source of the odour and leaves pure fresh oxygen throughout the property.

The new Ozone Generator unit is ideal and will eliminate odour in most domestic locations including smoke odour caused by fire damage.


  • Portable generator for fast, safe odour removal
  • Quickly deodorizes houses, maisonettes, flats and apartments
  • Kills cigarette smoke odour and indoor pet smells
  • Eliminates smoke odour caused by fire damage
  • Removes oriental food cooking odours in kitchens
  • Removes mould and mildew smells in bathrooms